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San Diego State University is not an island. That may seem obvious, but Gov. Gavin Newsom had to say so explicitly after county supervisors asked the state to exclude SDSU’s COVID cases from the county’s overall numbers. At the time of our podcast recording this week, San Diego was poised to head to the most restrictive purple tier, which would tighten rules for businesses.

This week on the VOSD podcast, hosts Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Sara Libby stewed over these arguments from the county and how one could slice up numbers to navigate the less-than-intuitive color scheme that determines what counties can and can’t do.


A student at Lincoln High School enrolled in an AP calculus class for her senior year to help set her up to get into the college she planned for.

But the class was abruptly pulled and she was left with few options but a lot of questions. Like, how to fix the now-empty promise she made to colleges that she’d complete the rigorous AP course? (Kicker: The student was placed in a ceramics class instead.)

Across a few freeways to the north, Patrick Henry High had a tale of its own this week. Tensions boiled over after months of drama related to the school’s cheerleading team. Two coaches were fired this week for their handling of transitioning the team from a school sport to a “club” — which skirted the protective rules that go along with school sports since coronavirus.

Oceanside Might Consider Police Chief Candidates From Out of Town

Oceanside is rethinking the process for hiring a new police chief. Initially, city officials were going to limit their search to internal candidates; that would’ve skipped public forums and sped up the process.

But one organizer told VOSD’s Kayla Jimenez that whoever gets the job should really be able to address racial justice. In the podcast, Libby notes that there’s been a history of strife in the city between police and the communities they serve, even before this year’s countrywide reckoning with police violence.

Now, the Oceanside city manager says she’ll be relying on the community to guide her in the effort as they make broader recruitment efforts.

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