Sheriff Bill Gore / Photo by Sam Hodgson

It has been quite a week for the San Diego County sheriff.

Sheriff Bill Gore and his team are getting backlash from across the country after they shared a video of a deputy they claimed overdosed from fentanyl simply by encountering it.

The thing is, toxicologists say that’s impossible.

That’s not the only reason the agency is experiencing blowback. The sheriff told San Diego police last month they could resume booking people accused of misdemeanors into local jails, but they wouldn’t tell us what crimes can get you booked into jail.

And finally, this all comes out after the sheriff announced he wouldn’t be running for re-election and a bunch of prominent Democrats pounced on the chance to endorse his chosen successor.

Hosts Scott Lewis, Sara Libby and Andrew Keatts explain why that happened and more on this week’s VOSD Podcast.

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