Margarito Martinez Esquivel Vigil
Margarito Martinez Esquivel Vigil

Four Mexican journalists have been murdered in less than a month. It’s one of the most dangerous countries to be a journalist.

Voice of San Diego border report writer, Sandra Dibble, has been covering Tijuana — the country’s northernmost city — for more than two decades. This week on the VOSD Podcast, she joins hosts Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Andrea Lopez-Villafaña to discuss the current state of journalism across the border.

“It’s so murky right now,” Dibble said. “Organized crime has become disorganized.” That means journalists in Mexico have a harder time knowing where the line is — the threshold that puts a journalist in danger based on their reporting.

As in her most recent story on the killings and aftermath, Dibble describes the programs made to protect Mexican journalists and how they’ve failed the press.


On the homelessness front: There are more encampments and more cleanup efforts, but not enough spaces available. It’s more of the same as homeless populations grow. Now, the Downtown Partnership nonprofit is calling for “safe villages” as an alternative to shelters to keep homeless folks safe outside.

And… if you haven’t caught it yet, check out our most recent San Diego 101 podcast episode dedicated to the three most common myths about homelessness in San Diego. VOSD homelessness reporter Lisa Halverstadt, along with 101 hosts Maya Srikrishnan and Adriana Heldiz, dispel the myths. Among them: “It could never happen to me.” Hear it here.

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