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Conflict Pushes Fulton Out of Bay Park Decision

The city is selecting a consultant to rewrite development restrictions around two new trolley stops. Planning director Bill Fulton removed himself from the decision due to a conflict of interest under the city's ethics ordinance.

4 Ways the DA’s Letter Defense Digs Her in Deeper

Bonnie Dumanis released a college recommendation letter she wrote for the son of the key figure in a campaign finance scandal. But the more she downplays her ties to the scandal, the more she reveals about her proximity to its main players.

Fact Check: The Bar for County Assessor Candidates

The U-T's editorial board endorsed Ernest Dronenburg for a second term as assessor/recorder/clerk and included this startling reasoning: Dronenburg is " the only one of the four candidates who ... even met the legal requirement that this officeholder be a certified property appraiser."