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CEQA Can Be a Convenient Weapon

The California Environmental Quality Act has become a tool for groups to delay or kill a project – even if their beef doesn't have anything to do with the environment.

If Not the Minimum Wage, Then What? The GOP’s Poverty Problem

Carl DeMaio warned fellow members of his party to offer some kind of alternative to a minimum wage hike that would resonate with the working poor. But so far, San Diego Republicans have stopped short of offering a vision for what they'd do to help lift people out of poverty.

Who Lied? Part IV: Much Ado About a Urinal

When a second staffer for Carl DeMaio's congressional campaign came forward with sexual harassment allegations, it was devastating for the candidate. As DeMaio works to rebuild his reputation, his defense hinges on a broken urinal.

Businesses Are in the Dark on New Lighting Rules

New retrofit mandates meant to lower energy use are giving many companies sticker shock. But the state Energy Commission says businesses themselves might be partly to blame for misinterpreting the rules and overestimating what they must do to comply.

How San Diego Swapped One Government Moneymaker for Another

San Diego's moves to shed its sleepy Navy town image and its reliance on government money to drive the economy helped it become a premier innovation hub. But the push to de-emphasize the Navy as an economic anchor ultimately just shifted the ways in which San Diego rakes in government money.

The City Puts Its Showdown With the State on Pause

The City Council, city attorney, state representatives and the mayor's office figured out a way to temporarily end a conflict between state and local law that threatened to close the tap to hundreds of millions of dollars in state money for local construction projects.