Friday, March 11, 2005 | The time had arrived; it was time for me to call the woman that I won over from Pizza. A few days had passed since everything went down, which was kind of unfortunate because I was feeling a good deal of momentum in recent hours immediately following our bathroom encounter. It was now Wednesday, and we had a few phone conversations, that were simply that, conversations.

Nothing fun, intense or even interesting about any of these three-to-five minute conversations. I was still holding onto the last weekend’s dramatic scene at the party. I was under the impression that this lady was bold and somewhat outspoken, certainly not shy and utterly boring. Keeping the faith and assuming that she was just having a crappy week at work I asked her to go out on Thursday. Nothing too hardcore, just margaritas and appetizers.

I picked her up at her house. She lives with a few other people, none of which she is close with. The house is new, it’s extremely sterile and lacking furniture in some very big rooms. The decorating is tasteless, all the walls are white and the few pictures hanging on the walls are all obviously from Bed, Bath and Beyond or Ikea. Maybe I’m being too judgmental, but I’m getting a feeling that this female is severely lacking in style and taste. OK, I’m definitely being a tad bit too judgmental – standard.

Small Talk at the Restaurant…

Of course, I miss my friends and family, but the positives of living in San Diego outweigh the negatives tenfold. The fun meter is beginning to race dangerously close to the boring bottom, so I suggested we leave and take a walk, maybe a different environment would stimulate quality conversation. We took a walk on the beach for 15 minutes or so and then decided to call it a night. I dropped her off at her house and was planning on giving her a hug when she leaned in for a kiss. Again, it was dry and very quick but it was enough to make me say, “Maybe we can go out again this weekend?” Dumb!

Toys at the Beach

So, trying to be nice, I go along with the Frisbee exercise she has chosen to enroll us in. It actually may not have been too bad of an idea – it’s a good excuse not to talk much due to the distance between the two parties playing Frisbee – if she only knew how to throw a Frisbee. She had me chasing that pig all over the place. I was beginning to get sweaty and extremely annoyed, mainly because she thought she was hilarious. Fortunately, my phone rang (normally I wouldn’t answer but in this case, I had to).

The Best Thing

A New Way to Meet Women

It was time to take my dating to a new venue. I decided I was going to involve the World Wide Web in my search.

Bernard Peppers is a 27-year-old commercial real estate broker. He lives in Cardiff and spends his free time playing soccer, working out, going to Dog Beach and hanging out with friends.

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