Thursday, June 29, 2006 | In reference to Michael Grant’s column of June 29, 2006 suggesting separating small airlines from Lindbergh and locating them elsewhere.

I have had an idea germinating in my mind for a long time. I think the federal government needs to take the lead. If we were to build three regional airports across the northern tier of states and three regional airports across the southern tier of states we could switch to large jumbo jets. The distance between the airports would be approximately 1000 miles. Each of those regional airports would then have small commuter airlines to existing airports (high speed rail and/or buses could also be used). For instance, in San Diego, instead of everybody driving to Lindbergh in automobiles when they wish to travel, they would go to Brown Field, Montgomery Field, Palomar, Borrego Springs etc. This would help to relieve freeway travel and help to reduce emissions. Regional airports in the east would have flights to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Regional airports in the west would have flights to Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia.

Details would need to be worked out regarding exact locations, scheduling etc., but with proper leadership it will work.

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