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Monday, July 10, 2006 | While it’s certainly commendable that the city of San Diego is looking at (finally) extending recycling to those in apartments and condos, it also needs to emulate what other cities are doing as far as the materials being recycled. When I moved to San Diego from LA a little over five years ago, I was used to recycling any plastic item with a recycling designation of 1-6, regardless of shape. The town where I lived encouraged it and made it easy. San Diego, however, significantly restricts the number and shape of the plastics it will recycle. Much that goes into our trash would be recycled if the city would simply allow it. And what about issuing green bins for yard waste, as other cities do? Why are we still using our own regular, awkward trash cans for that? It’s high time for “America’s Finest City” to step up to the plate and assume some real responsibility for the environment.

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