Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | Re: Knock the Arms Off , letters to the editor.

Right. Because the government shouldn’t promote, or appear to sponsor, deities. Instead, we should promote or appear to sponsor phalluses. Anyone who has taken an art class of any kind would look at an “armless cross” and think “phallus.”

I can see the headlines: “Phallic Monument Erected as New Veterans’ Memorial.”

Anything you put up there could be viewed as a “religious” symbol. Even the act of taking down the cross is very “religious” because of the act’s explicit and symbolic lack of religiosity: taking down the cross essentially erects a monument to atheism. I don’t see the ruling that the cross be taken down as a step towards religious non-sponsorship. It’s just a move toward the sponsorship of a different religion. How does a nation of laws justify that?

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