Wednesday, July 19, 2006 | I believe that one purpose of an organized political entity, such as the city of San Diego, is to provide amenities that enlighten and improve the educational opportunities available to its citizenry.

It is for this reason that I am perplexed by the opposition to the construction of the library by the San Diego Taxpayers Association?

Since, by the choice of its name, the San Diego Taxpayer’s Association purports to speak for San Diegans about public fiscal policy, I would like to know more about the make-up of this group. What type of people are they? Is it an elitist group? Are they wealthy with private libraries and laptops in every room of their homes? Do they have private sculpture collections in their back gardens? Since they get so much media coverage, I think you should profile this group for your readers.

As you probably surmise, I support the new central library. It will be a valuable educational and cultural resource for all the people of San Diego.

A wise person once said: “At any point in time, civilization is one generation away from barbarism.”

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