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Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006 | Maybe Ms. Zimmerman would be proud of a new monstrosity central downtown library. As a taxpaying citizen of the city of San Diego – you know, one of the half-million or fewer residents of this burg who will be expected to dig deep to pay off the foibles of the Gang of Four on the City Council with respect to pensions and sewers – a central library cum glorified downtown homeless daycare center will make me sick to my stomach. Definitely not proud, Ms. Zimmerman.

After this project joins the long list of useless spending by Scott Peters and assorted other idiots on the council rammed down the throats of taxpayers, please don’t forget to include showers in the restrooms. If you don’t, the mess to clean up after the bums, winos and drug addicts will be terrible. That mess will be almost as bad as the mess the City Council left us.

America’s Finest City. Right.

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