City Council President Scott Peters dropped his motion to disqualify City Attorney Mike Aguirre from the city’s main pension lawsuit just days before the dispute was slated to be argued in court.

Peters, who has railed against Aguirre for allegedly not seeking the council’s approval before bringing the litigation, had requested that Aguirre be removed from the case. If successful, the motion would have presumably allowed the council to dictate the city’s position in the high-profile case.

Take a look at his arguments here.

Peters’ decision to drop his motion likely means that Aguirre’s lawsuit will reach trial in October.

Last Thursday, a judge said in a tentative ruling that the city attorney’s $500 million challenge would be scaled back because of a prior legal settlement. Attorneys argue over the potential impact of the ruling, saying it could shave the stakes of the case down by between $50 million to $460 million.

Arguments will continue this Thursday in Judge Jeffrey Barton’s courtroom.


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