So the responses have run the gamut. Some people loved the new electronic voting. It was a total nightmare for others. And it was just so-so for another group.

The responses have been flowing in. Here are a few of them.

Clifton Williams, a land-use analyst and former chief of staff to Council President Scott Peters, voted at Kerry Lane in Carmel Valley. He had this to say:

I went to the polls this morning with my 5 year old and my 1.5 year old. The older one loves to vote with me!

We got to the polls at 7:15 am and were told that the computer voting machines could not be used until some sort of secure package arrived from the registrar and they had no idea when that would be. (They didn’t seem sure what it was exactly.) In the mean time they were passing out paper ballots to the folks in line. Since there were no platforms set up to stand and write on the paper ballots the poll workers were giving out clip boards and people were sitting on the patio voting. With only one hand free, since I had the 1.5 year old on my left hip, I told them I would be back after work to vote. My problem is that I had already signed the voter log before they told me about the machines. So they wrote a note next to my name saying that I hadn’t voted yet. I hope I will get to vote tonight. The poll worker also told me that the first three people that showed up that morning were not on the list and were given provisional ballots. The guy in front of me had a sample ballot with that polling place printed on it, but he was not on the voter rolls. This was also causing confusion at my polling place.

I called the registrar and she said that they were getting a lot of calls and complaints and that they would write it down and someone would get back to me tomorrow.

Things worked out much better for Jeff Stevens of SAIC:

The voting machines at the recreation center in Mira Mesa worked fine for me. At the end it printed the ballot and stored it, so that it can be compared with the electronic record. The polling place also had paper ballots for anyone who didn’t want to use the electronic machines, and they would have provided a backup in case there were problems with the machines.

Tell us your story. We’ll be updating the blog with more as the day rolls on.


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