Reader “Capitol” sends in this one:

Whether publicly or privately financed, how far into the future of San Diego have we contemplated? In terms of a “master plan”, are there any models that show the potential growth of this City in Say 50 or 100 years? I think it would be interesting to know how far all major City’s actually plan ahead… Let’s see what you can dig up…”

Well, Capitol, here’s what we’ve got. The San Diego Association of Government, in coordination with all the area planners, puts out a long-range forecast on population, housing, employment, and demographic characteristics roughly every four years.

The current forecast, which can be accessed here, looks out to 2030. I’ll be 52 then — and I’ll likely be a real Pa by then, rather than just a ceremonial one.

Take a look at the page and its many links if you’ve got some spare time. There’s some good stuff. If you don’t have the time, here are some highlights.

Check out the violent growth swings in San Diego between 1980 and 2000:

A couple key tidbits from the below chart: our population will go from 2.8 million in 2000 to 3.2 million in 2010 to nearly 3.9 million in 2030.

And finally, every ethnic group is going to experience strong growth except white:

In the reports, there are also charts with headlines that say stuff like “We are getting older” and “We are becoming more ethnically diverse.”

Our buddy Rich Toscano recently had an interesting back and forth over contrasting population growth in his Nerd’s Eye View blog.


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