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Now is an exciting time in the world of opera.

When one thinks of opera, the animated television show “The Simpsons” usually isn’t the first thing to come to mind. And yet, in the second ever episode of the series, an unprepared Bart switches aptitude tests with class genius Martin Prince, thus allowing Bart to transfer to a school for gifted students. With the suggestion of the school principal, Homer and Marge attempt to challenge their child with high culture which leads the Simpson family to purchase tickets to the opera and to this exchange:

Marge: We got tickets to the Opera tonight! Hurry up, get dressed!

Bart: Oh mom, not tonight!

Homer: Come on Bart, your mother is only trying to help, so go on ahead and enjoy the show.

Marge: Homer… you’re going too!

Homer: But I’m not a genius! Why should I suffer?

I’ll admit it. The exchange is funny but deep down inside I wince at the stereotype it plays into: Opera is boring.

Opera is not boring. Far from it in fact, and I’ll tell you why.


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