We just got a couple of faxes from Mike Aguirre’s office.

Sunroad has proposed an initial timeline for the reduction of the height of its troubled Kearny Mesa tower. The timeline shows that the company plans to have the building reduced to 160 feet by Oct. 16.

Exactly how it plans on doing that is not yet clear. I have put in calls to the company’s architects and to its spokeswoman, but haven’t heard anything yet.

In addition to the timeline, the company sent a letter to Marcela Escobar-Eck. In that letter, Richard Vann, head of the company’s development arm, writes that “Sunroad has worked diligently to formulate a plan and schedule that calls for immediate mobilization of construction personnel, continued and aggressive work on design and construction documents so that the building will be reduced to 160’ by mid-October.”

In the letter, Vann also asks Escobar-Eck to lift the current stop-work order on the project as soon as the city has signed off on the proposed schedule. Vann also asks that the company be allowed to continue with ‘all tenant improvements and all other necessary construction below 160’.”

Aguirre said he’s happy with the proposed timeline and the Oct. 16 goal, but said the city won’t OK the company continuing with other work as it lowers the tower.

“The proposed additional construction is not something we can live with,” Aguirre said. “After Sunroad has made reasonable progress with deconstruction, the city will work with them to allow the other work.”

If I hear anything from Sunroad or their architects, I’ll update this.


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