Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007 | It is far too often that groups of people are described as “out of touch” when their opinions differ from the norm. In a recent case of the Booze Ban, is it becoming all to true. The few, but very vocal group of homeowners have grown too close to their ban argument. One does not have to look further than James Larson’s letter this week. I had called into the debate on voiceofsandiego.org and told my story of wanting to move here after enjoying the beach culture in PB. For this, Mr. Larson writes “I wonder if our alcohol policy is attracting the wrong kind of resident.”

What kind of resident is the right resident Mr. Larson? Someone who lives on the beach, is married, has a family, is at least in their 40s? I guess that would make me, a mid 30 year old, unmarried, dedicated to volunteering and charity the wrong resident?

The ban opponents do not, and can not, understand people who have a different lifestyle than themselves. This ban may go through, and it will be a travesty that a small group can dictate the rules to the rest of us.

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