This story from the New York Times on Saturday takes a look at a new website,, that allows people to rate police officers and sheriff’s deputies across the country.

Some law enforcement agencies aren’t happy with the site, the story says:

“Officers who are rated face unfair maligning without any opportunity to defend themselves,” said Jerry Dyer, the chief of the Fresno Police Department and president of the California Police Chiefs Association. The site, he said, puts officers and their families “in grave danger” because it reports their names and agencies, the raw material for further Internet research by those with the intent to harm.

According to the story, there are more than 140,000 officers listed on the site. I took a look at the SDPD section. The site lists 1,886 officers from the SDPD. The vast majority of the SDPD officers listed have not been rated. Many have been given a green rating for good and several have been rated red for bad.

Certain groups within law enforcement are trying to get the site closed down, the Times story states.

The piece also touches on San Diego a couple of times, including this little anecdote:

Many users gave high marks and thanked officers for being helpful or professional. Among raters who were not as impressed was “imdlaw1” who gave two stars to a San Diego sheriff’s deputy and described him as “a little red-head napoleon.”


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