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Monday, April 28, 2008 | Regarding the story “Congressional Sewage Investigation Fails to Clear Water.”

As resident and surfer in Imperial Beach, I am writing to tell you that it is time to dump Bajagua. From the GAO report, we now know that upgrading the IWTP is a better alternative, one that has a more reliable timeline for project completion, and that would save U.S. taxpayers over $200 million.

How Deadly Is It?

Is the Coronado Bridge the second deadliest “suicide bridge” in the country, as some news reports have suggested? It’s hard to say.

No agency tracks suicides by bridge on a national basis. Also, the deadliness of a bridge can be measured in two ways — by the total number of deaths or by an average per year. It is clear, however, that four bridges — including the Coronado Bridge, with 233 suicides to date — have well-deserved reputations as suicide magnets.

Other bridges with high numbers of suicides are:

—The Golden Gate Bridge, with more than 1,250 suicides since it was completed in 1937. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle.)

—The Aurora Bridge in Seattle, with more than 230 deaths since 1931. (Source:

—The Sunshine Skyway Bridge near Tampa with at least 140 deaths since 1987. (Sources: St. Petersburg Times; Tampa 211.)


The facts are clear and the call by Bajagua supporters for further study is ridiculous.


For years, we’ve had study after study telling us our beaches are polluted. We cannot afford to waste more time. What we need today is action: It is time to upgrade the International Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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