I heard last night from Bill Curtis, our Survival reader whose request was denied again for a visitor’s visa for his mother-in-law to come help his wife with her pregnancy.

Here’s Curtis’s frustrated note:

You wanted an update so here it is. Our fricken US embassy has denied my wife’s mother’s visa for the SECOND TIME! Yeah, we paid the fees, did everything legally, even had the Congressman’s assistants letter, and yet they STILL won’t let her mother come and help my wife after 3 miscarriages. We are the evil empire now. It’s official, the USA is a chancre on the face of the Earth.

Kelly, do me a favor. Can you see if you know any illegal immigrant advocates? I want to give our story to them so they can use it to encourage more Mexicans to come here illegally. That’s the only way after all, the LEGAL way sure as hell doesn’t work.

Let’s get this story out there to the national media. “USA denies grandmother’s visa to help pregnant daughter after 3 miscarriages.” And there was the US govt. making Myanmar look so evil for denying visas to aid workers. Yeah, the USA has NO moral high ground to stand on.

This is a doozy.

I’ve put in a call to Rep. Brian Bilbray’s office, whose staff has been helping Curtis with his application. I’ll let you know what I hear back.


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