Friday, June 27, 2008 | I’m saddened by this news, as a regular but part time listener and viewer. The commercials have become so frequent on commercial channels that, regardless of how you view their politics, and I consider them quite political despite their protestations to the

contrary, they are a welcome respite from the ceaseless selling on

commercial stations.

I have to say their wounds are largely self-inflicted. They’ve done a lousy job of keeping their regular subscriber base. Whenever they have these pledge drives, and they’ve become more frequent, they offer

inducements for new pledges but the same goodies aren’t made available to continuing subscribers. What kind of sense does that make?

They have another resource, archives of old local programs viewers

might want to buy, but they have not promoted it. A few years ago I

wrote them a letter suggesting this and offering an additional gift of

a hundred bucks if they’d run me a copy of a reunion concert of the

old Bob Crosby orchestra, held at the organ pavilion. They promised

to look into it but nothing happened. Someone could go through that

old stuff and offer returning subscribers, who tend to be seniors like

me, a choice from among several archived programs for renewal and

perhaps a 10% increase in their pledge amount.

It’s a real shame, because their local public affairs programs are top

notch, but I’m afraid they’re the next to go. What the whole public

broadcasting network nationally needs is some top notch marketing

talent, but I’m afraid their “public” orientation won’t allow them to

see that. I’ve felt in recent years that the best thing that could

happen to them would be to lose their remaining government funding, so

they could tell their regulars it’s time to put up or they’ll close

down. Their no-commercials format is the strongest thing they have to

offer, and they aren’t really exploiting it.

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