Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2008 | The Grantville fraud highlights just how far the developers and people like Jim Madaffer will go to rob the community of their property and livelihoods. The C Street Trolley improvement that will supposedly help Grantville just adds insult to injury. After watching Madaffer for the past couple of years, I am convinced that if his lips are moving, he is lying. If you think that is harsh, just go back and read what he said to the community back in 2005 and read what he is saying now. It is apparent that it was always about a land grab, financing the plans of developers, the needs of Kaiser, and a cash cow for a fiscally irresponsible city. It had nothing to do with blight or solving traffic problems for the community. Grantville isn’t blighted. The county and the city know it isn’t blighted. That is why there is a mad dash to have yet another closed session meeting in an attempt to wiggle around their latest illegal financial deal. The Grantville redevelopment was a fraud from the start. No amount of closed sessions will erase that fact.

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