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I’ve got a couple of blogs to recommend for any of you who are as obsessed by mortgage fraud as I am.

This one is the California Real Estate Fraud Report and is compiled by Monique Bryher, a real estate broker in Studio City. I came across it when Bryher linked last week to my story about Vladimir Shainskiy, the Russian music composer who was allegedly duped into a series of real estate transactions.

And this one, the Mortgage Fraud Blog, is compiled by California attorney Rachel Dollar, who represents lenders in mortgage fraud suits.

I e-mailed Dollar last week when I was reporting my story about Shainskiy, and she had this to say:

The elderly are often targeted and victimized in fraud schemes — whether mortgage fraud, securities fraud or other types of schemes.  We are seeing an increase in reports of all types of mortgage fraud and a corresponding increase in elderly victims.


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