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The Southeastern Economic Development Corp.’s board of directors has chosen Brian Trotier, founder of the real estate, finance and management consultancy firm The Terrasys Group, to be SEDC’s interim leader as the agency searches for a new president.

The board decided on Trotier in a closed session of its public meeting last night. Board member Rich Geisler said the board was presented with three potential candidates by its Executive Committee, and it chose Trotier because he was the best qualified.

“When we looked at the job qualities needed for fixing SEDC’s budget, addressing the audit and keeping our projects going, he had the best qualifications,” Geisler said.

Trotier will not be a permanent replacement for ousted SEDC President Carolyn Y. Smith, who was fired by the SEDC board in July in the wake of a bonus scandal. Rather, the consultant will oversee the agency as it searches for a new president. The board of directors recently issued a request for proposals from executive search firms to help it find a new leader.

I have put in a call to Trotier. Here’s what The Terrasys Group’s website says about him:

Mr. Trotier has an undergraduate degree in Administrative Science with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior from Yale University and a law degree from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to leading Terrasys, Mr. Trotier is a member of the faculty at the University of San Diego where he teaches in the MBA program.

Throughout his life, Mr. Trotier has been an active volunteer in many  non-profit organizations and community groups. He currently serves as the President of the Board of Kids Included Together (, a San Diego based non-profit that provides inclusion training for the staff of numerous out of school social and recreational program sponsors. Mr. Trotier also spent more than a decade as a highly successful coach in football, basketball, and baseball.

The depth and breadth of Mr. Trotier’s background is unique and allows him to assess, evaluate, research, and resolve problems in a highly efficient and effective manner.


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