I was just putting some pieces together for the next installment of People at Work and came across this list of the past stories we’ve run in the series. There’s something cool about reading all of these job titles in a list like this:

Star of India painter

Legoland builder

tuna taste testers

tree farmer/cemetery worker

all-night drive-thru worker

meter maid

tree trimmer/expert witness

school bus driver

cafe server

courtroom artist

beach can collector

funeral director

drywall apprentice

fried chicken mobile restaurant

pizza delivery guy

Geico phone-answerer

costume designer

condo concierge

crane operator

CEO of a major company

bouncehouse company owner

code enforcement officer

dessert shop owner

camp counselor


flight attendant

guitar builder

unemployed financier

tortilla maker

shears sharpener


opera stage manager

Balboa Park horticulturist

disease researcher

hot air balloon pilot/insurance agent

gas station attendant


And I can’t resist: Here’s a 1970s-era version of the classic song from which I stole the headline of this post:

You can read past stories from the series from the People at Work index page. And some of the best ones have come from your tips. Pass ideas for future installments along to me: kelly.bennett@voiceofsandiego.org.


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