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Friday’s Photo of the Day was of an unidentified man in a red fedora. I told readers at the time that they would see the results of the shoot in the coming days.

The subject is Bob Sinclair, who owns the Wonder Bread building near Petco Park. The site is under consideration as a location for a new Chargers stadium.

I didn’t end up running this photo with Liam Dillon’s stadium search story this week, so I thought I’d share it with you here. Sinclair’s building has some of the most perfect natural light I’ve ever seen indoors. It has huge, high ceilings, very textural, colorful brick walls and, to be sure, Sinclair himself is a pretty interesting subject to photograph.

This image is shot as Sinclair gives Dillon and me a tour through the building. There’s no lighting equipment used at all here, just the natural light coming into the building.


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