Good morning from Point Loma.

  • Lots of opinion from over the weekend on the Chargers’ push for public dollars for their new downtown football stadium. The U-T hosts a pro-public money column from former City Councilman and current Port Commissioner Scott Peters and an anti column from former councilman Bruce Henderson. The paper’s editorial page takes a wait-and-see attitude. Meantime, former City Attorney Mike Aguirre fulminated against a stadium at a Friday press conference.
  • The U-T also follows a story we did a couple of weeks ago on how the city’s downtown redevelopment agency would need to increase the amount of money it could collect under state law before it could contribute to a stadium.
  • KPBS has a good five-minute video roundup of the downtown site’s progress.
  • The U-T hangs with the city’s mounted police unit before budget cuts shutter it for good.
  • We report on City Council members not following through on promises to cut their own budgets.
  • Conservative blog SDRostra.Com reports that county Supervisor Dianne Jacob took a step toward seeking re-election in 2012.
  • I’ve mentioned over the last couple of weeks that the next cost-cutting target on Mayor Jerry Sanders’ agenda appears to be retiree health care. The U-T’s opinion page comes out against keeping the benefit.
  • Should San Diego build a new downtown library, its rare book room will move without any changes.
  • In news from other cities around San Diego County, Chula Vista is considering extending the boundaries of its redevelopment area. And Oceanside is gearing up for another fight, this one over becoming a charter city.


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