For some 1,500 schoolchildren in San Diego, home is a moving target.

They sleep in cars, on friends’ couches, in motels, under bridges, in shelters.

In this weekend’s Q&A, we talk to Pam Hosmer, who oversees San Diego Unified’s programs for the homeless, about the special challenges of meeting the needs of these kids.

She tells us about the effect of the foreclosure crisis, the importance of donations for these children and how her own life story gives her motivation.

In other news:

  • “The city of San Diego’s annual pension payment will be nearly $20 million higher than city officials had forecasted and the system is in its worst shape since the nadir of the city’s pension scandal six years ago,” we report in a little bit of Friday evening breaking news.

    The city’s pension system, the report says, is only about two-thirds funded.

    Councilman Carl DeMaio quickly digested the report and tweeted that it says average pay went up by 2.7 percent last year to an average of $64,800, not including benefits.

  • We’ve got some insight and a roundup of news coverage about a judge’s ruling that could spell trouble for San Diego’s water supply.
  • Goldilocks might like our Photo of the Day: it’s just right. The photographer himself suggested today’s photo soundtrack, a Lyle Lovett song called, appropriately enough, “Bears.”


  • Remember Bob Watkins? He’s the chairman of the local airport board and the topic of a slew of stories in our pages last year. Well, his term ends this month, and the U-T says County Supervisor Greg Cox has been tapped to be his replacement as a board member (but not necessarily as chairman).
  • Also in the U-T: city jobs may be outsourced to India, and the ACLU is siding with the GOP in the battle over local campaign contribution limits.
  • A federal judge ruled in favor of Rady Children’s Hospital nurses who are fighting requirements that they wear masks and special badges if they refuse flu shots. Next stop: arbitration. (CityBeat)
  • The LAT ran a story earlier this week about the demise of military ferry service across the bay here. The real treat is the accompanying photo essay, which includes a couple pictures that remind me of Monet’s paintings of London. Make sure to check Photo No. 6, which blends spectacular wind-blown clouds, the sea, the ferry, a passenger and the downtown skyline.
  • Finally, a city spokeswoman says no bet has been laid so far between San Diego and New York over Sunday’s football playoff game. (CityBeat)

We do like her idea of trading that ginormous sailor-nurse/kissy-kissy statue at the Embarcadero for the Statue of Liberty if the Chargers win. (At first, I typed Statue of Library in that last sentence. Well, sure: let’s get that too.)

The Coffee Collection (stories to read over a cup of joe):

Optimist in Chief: San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders says the city has a model government. He just needs more time to fix a few (very, very big) things.

Hamming It … Down: Local ham-radio operators aren’t going to let the city shrink their antennas without a fight.

Quote of the Week: “Have you ever met Mrs. Bilbray? Oh my God, no! Congressman Bilbray might be a U.S. congressman, but, Mrs. Bilbray, she is numero uno. She makes sure Brian is doing what he’s supposed to do.” — a spokesman for Rep. Brian Bilbray, responding to a CityBeat question about whether the congressman is “hiking the Appalachian trail.”


Dagny Salas

Dagny Salas was web editor at Voice of San Diego from 2010 to 2013. She was an investigative fellow at VOSD from 2009 to 2010.

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