Another painfully cute video passed along by blogger Alexander Russo: To be or not to be? This kid says “Yeah.” Now for your slightly-less-adorable newsblitz:

The San Diego Unified board is pressing its employee groups for concessions — and that has jumbled the usual allegiances on the school board. We write about who’s doing what and why.

Grossmont school district officials will hold a public hearing to decide whether to revoke the charter for Helix, a high-achieving school that suffered a string of scandals in years past. The Union-Tribune reports on the move.

A nonprofit report card finds that San Diego County kids are faring better this year when it comes to health and well-being, my coworker Kelly Bennett blogs.

Twenty schools in San Diego County that receive federal money for disadvantaged students got state recognition for improving significantly. KPBS gives the rundown.

The Los Angeles superintendent is facing ethical questions about sitting on the board of a company that supplies a reading program for his school district, the Los Angeles Times writes.

Educated Guess blogs that budget cuts could undercut California students’ success on Advanced Placement exams.

To save money, teachers in Fullerton are being offered an early retirement option, just as San Diego Unified and Sweetwater offered teachers last year, the Orange County Register reports.

Installing wireless internet on an Arizona school bus turned it into a rolling study hall, The New York Times writes.

Education Week reports that Kentucky is the first state to sign on to the push for common national standards — the idea that all states should try to teach children the same skills in the same sequence.

Teach for America, which places college graduates in troubled schools, could lose its guarantee of federal funding under a new Obama Administration proposal, the Washington Post reports.

The Associated Press writes about the stresses facing Haitian children who enroll in U.S. schools.


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