The feedback on our school funding maps continues to be amazing. I’ll try to follow up on all your questions and comments soon — I promise! Now for the newsblitz:

  • We blog about the legal questions that cropped up over how San Diego Unified picked a specific brand of interactive whiteboards to install in its classrooms.
  • The Union-Tribune opines that the San Diego Unified school board is still putting teachers, not students, first as it decides what to cut.
  • KPBS delves into the race issues that are roiling UCSD.
  • San Diego Gay & Lesbian News writes about the opening of a Los Angeles charter school tailored to gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual youth. (Via SDNN.)
  • Educated Guess blogs about the arguments over how California will come up with a list of its worst schools for the feds. Those schools will have to be restructured if California wins more stimulus money under a competition called Race to the Top.
  • The Los Angeles Times writes that by handing over control of L.A. campuses largely to teachers, not to charters, the school district missed a chance to put charters to the test and see if they can serve the needs of the most disadvantaged students — a frequent criticism lobbed at charters.
  • Katy Murphy at the Oakland Tribune blogs about the pressure that teachers feel to give good grades.
  • The New York Times runs the numbers on California school cuts and costs.
  • San Francisco parents and community members are trying to come up with other ways to ease the budget crisis, from a new parcel tax to lobbying the state, the Chronicle reports.
  • Education Week delves more into a study of successful California middle schools and what makes them work.
  • Eduwonk blogs that the mass firing of teachers at a Rhode Island school, which has gotten a lot of attention, isn’t a trend.
  • Local writer Jill Richardson questions whether the Obama Administration is doing enough to make school lunches healthier. Via Alternet.
  • A famous education historian has switched sides in the debates over how to fix schools, swearing off the same ideas that she once espoused, sharply criticizing charter schools and standardized tests. The Washington Post explains how Diane Ravitch now finds herself at odds with the Obama Administration.
  • And this tidbit is for anyone who’s wondering what Terry Grier is up to in Houston.


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