Hundreds of local teens didn’t get into San Diego State University when it changed its admissions rules, ending the guarantee of admission for local students who met the minimum criteria. But I was especially interested about one applicant in particular: Alfredo Beltran, who showed up in our story about the SDSU changes. We wrote about why Beltran needed to get in:

Alfredo Beltran, a senior at San Diego High School of Business, only applied to one school this fall: San Diego State. The 18-year-old new parent needed to stay in San Diego, close to his young daughter. Before the changes, Beltran would have automatically gotten into the school because he was a local student who met minimum standards. Now he can’t be so sure. He’s still waiting to find out whether he’ll get in.
“They have to make sure that you’re good enough,” Beltran said.

As it turned out, Beltran was good enough. He found out last Friday that he got accepted to SDSU, where he’ll major in business administration. Congrats, Alfredo, and good luck.


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