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Didn’t get a chance to include these in my story last night. Here are the price changes by tier I promised yesterday morning:

On a countywide basis, the price gains across the different price tiers of the Case-Shiller index rose between December and January by a slighter amount than previous months.

Here’s a look at how each third of the market fared, according to the seasonally adjusted index:

  • Low tier (Under $309,746): Prices rose 1.7 percent from December.
  • Middle tier (Between $309,746 and $465,285): Prices rose 0.4 percent from December.
  • High tier (Over $465,285): Prices rose 0.5 percent from December.

Remember, the overall index showed prices were up 0.9 percent in January in the version of the numbers adjusted to account for seasonal trends. Usually that shifts the numbers higher in the slow winter months and lower in the summer months. It’s a favored version to use for tracking month-to-month changes because of those seasonal reasons. The discrepancy between the two versions straddled the positive-negative line in the national numbers. The New York Times runs through that here.


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