Good morning from Point Loma.

  • We’ll lead off today not with earthquake news but my post Friday on the land deal between the city of San Diego’s Convention Center Corp., a private developer and the Unified Port of San Diego. The port district appraised the land at $4.7 million, but the Convention Center is paying $13.5 million so it can expand there. Why the difference?
  • The city’s southeastern redevelopment agency is turning itself around, reports the U-T.
  • Democrats have long sought U.S. Congressman Brian Bilbray’s Carlsbad seat, but this doesn’t look like their year again, the U-T says.
  • Despite recent losses, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is still going strong after medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • The unending debate over the fate of seals at a La Jolla beach needs to end, the U-T editorializes.


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