Statement: “I’m not sure anybody in my district saved their home from foreclosure or a small business was saved from closing down by recovery funds,” the Union-Tribune reported U.S. Congressman Bob Filner, D-Chula Vista, saying Friday.

Determination: In Progress

Analysis: Rather than taking the ordinary approach to Fact Check posts, we wanted to invite readers to help in this evaluation. Did the federal stimulus package prevent any home foreclosures or small business closures in the 51st Congressional District?

If you know of any instances where stimulus dollars did, in fact, prevent either of those situations, please let us know. Be sure to explain where the money came from and where it went in Filner’s district. He represents National City, Chula Vista, southeastern San Diego, border areas and Imperial County. (See the district map here.)

Please e-mail your findings to or call 619.550.5668.


Summer Polacek

Summer Polacek was formerly the Development Manager at Voice of San Diego.

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