School news is a little thin today. I’m as shocked as you are. Here are the few, the proud, the newsblitz:

  • KPBS reports on how a local legislator is pushing a law that would reverse a rule change that stopped guaranteeing admission to San Diego State University for qualified local students.
  • 10News shows Serra High staging a pep rally to psych kids up for state tests. One of the problems that it highlights is that students usually don’t have a real incentive to care about how they do, since the results don’t impact them.
  • Oakland teachers staged a one day strike, the Tribune writes.
  • The Bakersfield Californian reports that more families than ever are signing kids up for free lunch at school.
  • In Education Week, Walt Gardner mulls how teacher absences might impact the achievement gap between different races and economic classes of students.
  • Got a strong accent? The Wall Street Journal reports that Arizona doesn’t want you to teach a class for students who are still learning English.
  • And NPR explains the national debate over teacher tenure.


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