I’m excited to post a new job opening. Here’s the description:

The pioneering news organization voiceofsandiego.org is hunting for someone dynamic and engaging to create a vibrant online community around local theater, visual arts and music.

You won’t just be a writer, though you will write. You will be the leader of a new effort to cover arts without focusing on reviews and previews of performances. You will cultivate a community, employing users, professionals and anyone else to help to tell the most interesting stories around about the people and institutions of the arts world. And you will curate the place for conversation on the local arts scene.

The idea: Build a blog around your writing, the conversation your content provokes and the best contributors you identify through comments, contacts or the arts community.

But this is just a start. What comes to be will depend greatly on the person we hire and the ideas we collect from the community.

Engage us with a dynamite cover letter, clips and a one-page plan for how you would build this community. Send it all to andrew.donohue@voiceofsandiego.org.
Candidates should be familiar with and passionate about all of the technology and tools available to journalists now.


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