Good morning from Point Loma.

  • Does San Diego County have a fire department? Our determination is “not exactly.” But find out about what the county does have in our Q&A.
  • The New York Times asked for our take on San Diego’s pension crisis six year later. We responded as part of a wide-ranging discussion from pension experts on the state of public retirement systems.
  • After Carlsbad cut pensions for new firefighters, the North County Times took a wide-ranging look to see if other small cities in San Diego County might follow.
  • Democrats are continuing to outnumber Republicans in the city of San Diego, and now hold majorities in seven of the eight City Council districts. The U-T breaks down the numbers.
  • The Democratic state Senate race between current state Assemblywoman Mary Salas and former Assemblyman Juan Vargas is “one of California’s most rancorous primary election campaigns,” the U-T reports.
  • At least six city of San Diego employees were overpaid since January and have to return some money they received in their paychecks.
  • Last, the U-T editorial board delineates all that needs to happen for the Chargers stadium proposal to go forward, and says the process must start.


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