I got this comment from reader Wendy Oakley, who wondered: why break down where San Diego’s Asian populations are concentrated? I did that in this post, yesterday, and in my story last week about a new City Council seat being created.

OK, what is the point of this story? seriously, why are you separating asians from the rest of the san diego population, it’s like saying where the blacks live in san diego, or where the mexicans live in san diego.
dumb article

I’ve received a couple e-mails expressing similar sentiments.

Here’s how I responded in the comments section of my post:

You’re exactly right that this is like saying where the African-American and Latino populations live in San Diego. And that’s important, because recognizing where ethnic and minority groups are concentrated has been key in determining how those groups have secured representation in local government.

The City Charter requires that the city’s redistricting plans “provide fair and effective representation for all citizens of the City, including racial, ethnic, and language minorities…”

Leaders of the Asian community in San Diego have long felt that Asians have not been adequately represented on the City Council. And so, they have been trying to figure out how best to get that representation. Data on where Asians live in San Diego is important because it gives leaders who are trying to create an Asian seat the best idea of where they might be successful in carving out a district to do that.

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Rob Davis

Rob Davis was formerly a senior reporter for Voice of San Diego.

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