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These were the top stories for the week of March 7 – 13, 2011.

 School Employees Enjoy Cadillac Benefits, But Honda Salaries

San Diego Unified employees enjoy more generous health and welfare benefits than most educators in the county. But those great benefits offset not-so-great salaries, one reason unions are loath to see them trimmed back.

 Walmart and Target Eye Southeastern San Diego

Both retailers want to open a store on the same vacant property in Chollas View.

 ‘I Am Going to Violate Your Trust in Me Tonight’

Why Richard Barrera, the school board president, was the unlikeliest vote for teacher layoffs.

 The Endangered School Nurse

Half of the nurses stationed at San Diego Unified schools are on the chopping block. Many schools will have to rely on traveling nurses – a shift that could make schools slower to sniff out health problems and less nimble in treating them.

 ‘You Need to Go to the Hospital’

A striking story from Lincoln High about what nursing judgment really means.

 Possible Layoffs Would Hit Schools With Poor Students Hardest

The new numbers back up an old worry: That layoffs have a disproportionate impact on the neediest schools.

 San Diego’s Quiet $300 Million Boost

That the purpose of $300 million was not publicly reconciled spoke to the speed of the city’s $4.4 billion redevelopment proposal, the lack of questioning and the scope of its long-term reach.

 ‘He Built This Whole Place With His Own Hands’

Meet Gerardo Cordiano, San Diego’s Calabrian wine connection. The local winemaker talks about grapes, soil, sunshine and why you should never drink his wine when you’re in a bad mood.

 Census: 1,307,402 Live in San Diego

The city’s population increased by nearly 7 percent in the last decade, but greater growth took place outside city boundaries.

 Why Dumanis Entered the Mayor’s Race

The district attorney already is the most powerful politician in town. Why does she want to be mayor?

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