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Tuesday morning, I’ll be interviewing Karen Perdion, director of the nurse-midwifery service at UC San Diego Medical Center, for our weekly Q&A. I want to know what you want to ask her.

Perdion, who assists in about 80 births a year, is a certified nurse-midwife, which means she works to support a mother-to-be during pregnancy, labor and birth. It also means Perdion can do some things, like administer pre-natal care and deliver babies, beyond what nurses can.

“We’re the ones catching the baby,” she said.

The Union-Tribune recently had Perdion explain what factors women should think about when picking how to give birth. I’m curious about why women choose to have a midwife help them, how to develop a relationship with someone about something so personal, and how the practice of midwifery has endured. What do you want to know? Email me at or leave a comment on this post.

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Dagny Salas

Dagny Salas was web editor at Voice of San Diego from 2010 to 2013. She was an investigative fellow at VOSD from 2009 to 2010.

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