San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said he hasn’t decided if he’ll run for re-election in 2012.

“At this point I’m not ready to say,” Goldsmith said in an interview. “I’ve been going through my decision process. I do know I need to make a decision pretty soon.”

Goldsmith, a Republican, easily defeated incumbent Mike Aguirre in November 2008. At the time he pooh-poohed seeking a second term. But Goldsmith said he left the possibility open during that campaign.

“I left my options open as far as running for re-election from the standpoint I said ‘probably not,’” he said.

Goldsmith declined to answer further questions.

“It’ll be great suspense,” he said, laughing.

Some political watchers have said Goldsmith was stronger in his statements not to run for a second term, according to this recent article in San Diego News Room:

“When he campaigned, Goldsmith said he only intended to run for one term,” said political consultant Tom Shepard. “And I and many others have taken him at his word on that.”

Anyone have any direct quotations from Goldsmith during the 2008 campaign about whether he’d run for a second term? The person who provides the best one will get a shout out and/or hat tip in my blog.

Candidates for the 2012 election can begin raising money next month, one year before the June 2012 primary.

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