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These were the most-read stories for the week of July 11-7, 2011.

  What Balboa Park’s Makeover Would Look Like

Take a look at what all the controversy’s about.

  San Diego Explained: Backyard Chickens

The growing trend of keeping backyard chickens clashes with city law.

  Fact Check: Bill Horn’s Bogus Civil Rights Story

Statement: “During the civil rights movement I worked for Ralph Abernathy and went to jail over the rights of the minority,” County Supervisor Bill Horn said June 28 at a public board meeting. Determination: Huckster Propaganda.

  Morning Report: A Young Boy’s Shocking Descent

An alleged hit man barely in his teens, urban renewal chief on downtown’s money tree, see yourself as the Cardiff Kook and more.

  A Surprise Museum Raid, Then … Silence

The dramatic nature of the investigation into an alleged smuggling ring thrust the usually under-the-radar Mingei International Museum into the limelight. Though the inquiry has seemed to be just collecting dust for three years, officials say the investigation’s ongoing.

  Morning Report: What $300K Failed to Buy

DeMaio rakes it in, federal officials weigh in on Coast Guard accident, reviewing Issa in charge, official makeover for Cardiff kook.

  Schools Pay Nearly $40K to Resigned Official

The administrator who oversaw labor relations for the school district will get four months of pay in a resignation agreement.

  A Bitter End for a Fugitive Hen

Owl, a backyard chicken forced to leave its North Park home because of city rules, has been eaten by a coyote.

  Morning Report: Revealing Shots of Balboa Park’s Remodeling

Bill Horn’s whopper, pot shops may get a reprieve, swindler to plead guilty, a teenage ‘hit man’ and what lurks in the desert.

  What’s to Blame When Public Art Fails?

Richard Gleaves wants to get all sides on public art conversations to speak the same language.

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