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There are two types of trails in San Diego County — those separated from street and highway traffic and those that “share the road.” Although both are necessary and desirable, where possible, a trail for bicycle and foot traffic that is separate from vehicle traffic is the most healthy, enjoyable and safe.

In San Diego County, the numerous steep east/west trending canyons that precluded road building have made possible development of regional trails that serve only pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians. With the opening of the first north/south link between two of those east/west regional trail systems last Saturday (San Dieguito Coast to Crest Trail to the Trans County Trail through the City of Poway Trail System), we have the beginning of a county-wide transportation system exclusively for those who would rather leave the car in the garage.

When more of these links are provided for the public — the San Dieguito River Park is working on several more — the potential that San Diego County holds for an improved lifestyle equal to the best in the world will be achieved.

Dick Bobertz is the executive director of the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority. He lives in La Jolla Shores.

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