Some readers’ thoughts about mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio and the mayor’s race after Liam Dillon’s story on DeMaio’s background and Scott Lewis’ piece on the rise of the new GOP.

Gary Crist:

Remember what the unions did to Alan Bersin? They broke him. The result — a wrecked school district, wild and irresponsible teachers union, ignorant school board and three subsequent failed superintendents. And most of the Bersin reforms have been discarded.

In 2008, I lauded Carl DeMaio for his work, but warned him that he would soon face this union wrath. I gave him our support, and hoped he would hold up against these endless personal attacks. He has and we are thankful for it. We plan to reward that courage with our votes.

Donald Evans:

If you liked Michael Aguirre as San Diego city attorney, you will also like Carl DeMaio for mayor.

They both were/are fixated on the employee pension as the source of all city financial problems. Granted, DeMaio has come out with solutions to the total city financial mess, but they all have their genesis in those massive city pensions.

We need a mayor who looks at the overall financial problems of the city and has a long-range plan for recovery. The so-called “fix” to the city pension system will not solve all of our problems. The person I believe presents a much better choice for our next mayor is Nathan Fletcher. He recognizes the pension system as a problem but all is aware of the many other fundamental changes that it will take to put us back on a good financial base.

George Wedemeyer:

I am disgusted with Carl DeMaio’s nasty, vicious attacks on the unions. As a gay activist, who started the first drug/alcohol clinic in the U.S. serving the gay/lesbian community in the mid-’70s, I can report that most of the unions have always supported the gay/lesbian movement. Those unions provided support, money and leadership to our community.

William Bonner:

Based on observations of his actions during his time as councilman from our city district, Carl DeMaio talks a good game. But there appears to have been little action or results. So this leads me to the conclusion that he is all talk and little action.

If this pattern were to continue with him as mayor of San Diego, we are in for a lot of serious situations in the future.

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Dagny Salas

Dagny Salas was web editor at Voice of San Diego from 2010 to 2013. She was an investigative fellow at VOSD from 2009 to 2010.

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