I woke on April 11 to my public radio station giving a story about how Sandag intends to rip up all the trees along Broadway and plant palm trees instead. Palm trees! It is nice that Sandag has money to waste on its own little vision of how San Diego should look, but does the public get no say in how the city is designed? Apparently not. Palm trees. The city can’t afford to maintain the palm trees it has now. Maybe Sandag likes the look of palm trees but not everyone does. I don’t recall that anyone was asked except the no-doubt-expensive consultant that shoved this project onto San Diego. This just leaves me shaking my head. Why destroy established trees to plant something else just because a minor bureaucrat or developer wants palm trees marching up and down Broadway?

This city continues to slide downhill in wasteful spending on projects that don’t need to be done. And Sandag has too much money if it has money to spend on projects like this.

Dianne Parham lives in Normal Heights.

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