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Scott Sherman, one of three candidates vying to represent the sharply redrawn Council District 7 decided to get into politics in large part because of Carl DeMaio. The sitting councilman and mayoral candidate gave Sherman quite a boost and is helping him.

But Sherman may have an albatross around his neck among certain voters. Its name is Carl DeMaio.

Sherman says, those who are trying to link the two are missing the big picture.

“I’m nobody’s guy,” says Sherman, a Republican who owns an insurance business.

In our latest reader’s guide of candidates running for City Council, we talk to Sherman about his priorities for his district, which includes Allied Gardens, Linda Vista, Tierrasanta and more.

Will Carless got to know those areas and their major concerns. Now he’s taking those concerns to the candidates and giving you guides to catch up on them all.

In Tierrasanta, memories of fire have not faded. In Grantville, things are changing but some are worried about “another Mission Valley” arising. And Linda Vista is hoping it still has a voice.

Dumanis Correct on DA Office Diversity

“Our diversity in the DA’s office reflects basically the diversity of our community,” declared District Attorney and mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis earlier this month.

So: Does the DA’s office treat diversity as an afterthought or seemingly make it a priority? San Diego Fact Check finds she’s right: her claim is true.

How about diversity among judges? Not so much.

Walmart’s Demolition Team Causing a Stir in Sherman Heights

Labor and neighborhood activists in Sherman Heights and Barrio Logan planned to get up early to protest demolition that’s apparently begun of the Farmer’s Market Building in the neighborhood as Walmart begins putting up a store.

KPBS’s Adrian Florido went down there and met a city code officer, who said notices about what was happening should have been posted but weren’t. He didn’t get a response from Walmart.

Labor leaders planned to rally at 6 a.m. Lorena Gonzalez said she’s ready to get arrested. There’s more chatter and photos on this Facebook page.

Art Restoration Is Brewing, Lamb Players in Dire Straits, Not-So-Plain Window

Our weekly look at all things artistic and cultural known as the Arts Report recaps our two-part series examining the possible restoration of lavishly colorful murals that once greeted beer drinkers at a Barrio Logan brewery.

If you like to read in Spanish or know someone who does, we’ve translated the first story and posted a Spanish version.  

The Arts Report — which is still gloating about beating the Morning Report at a game of Uno — also has links to stories about a celebration of Chicano Park, the unhappy retirement of the city library system’s art curator, the fate of the waterfront’s “Kiss” statue (sorry, taste-setters, it’s not going away), and the intriguing history of a seemingly ordinary window at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

We also take a look at news, via the U-T, that Coronado’s Lambs Players Theatre has sacked most of its permanent acting troupe.

Face Palm over Palm Trees

In letters, Dianne Parham is miffed to hear that the diverse trees on Broadway in downtown might be replaced by palm trees: “I don’t recall that anyone was asked except the no-doubt-expensive consultant that shoved this project onto San Diego.”

Quick News Hits

• A $70 million plan to clean up the bay is under threat thanks to legal appeals by government agencies and companies, the U-T reports.

• Rep. Darrell Issa, the North County congressman/GOP attack dog, wants to derail the proposed California bullet train, the U-T reports.   

For background about the proposal, which would eventually (as in decades from now) bring a train to San Diego, check our recent guide to things you should know about the prospect of zipping to parts north in just a few hours.

• “Now that I’ve left the party, maybe David Brooks will gush over me in The New York Times,” writes columnist Logan Jenkins in the U-T about his decision to get a “divorce” from the Democratic party. (No word on who’s getting alimony.)

Sorry, Logan, Our Mr. Brooks (as the Atlantic likes to mockingly call him) is unlikely to give you any attention now that he’s rhapsodized over the switcheroo by Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, the mayoral hopeful and GOPer-turned-independent.

Stadium Fish Tacos Not Included

Last week came news via the NC Times that Steve Garvey, the former Dodger and Padre first baseman, is interested in buying the Padres. Now, the LA Times says former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley is looking at the team too.  

Guess Who’s Russian

A few days ago I asked readers to see if they could correctly guess the nationalities of the last names of the four major mayoral candidates. Now I’ve got some answers.

Councilman Carl DeMaio’s last name, not surprisingly, is Italian. As for Dumanis, her last name is not Greek, as one reader suggested. It’s actually Russian. On her father’s side, her grandfather came to the U.S. from Russia, and her grandmother came from Turkey.

I haven’t heard yet from the campaigns of Fletcher and Rep. Bob Filner.   

A Good Bagel in this Burg?

Our government reporter Liam Dillon thinks he knows a bit about bagels. After all, he’s Jewish and from the Northeast, where they know their way around yeast.

But, as he declared on Twitter the other day, a good bagel is impossible to find in our fair city. In fact, he says, the pickings are better up north. “Of course LA bagels are better,” he explains. “Bigger Jewish population.”

Them’s fighting words! As you know, Los Angeles doesn’t beat us in any way (outside of population, traffic and, of course, bedazzled and/or enhanced body parts per capita).

So here’s a challenge: Where in the San Diego region should our bagel snob — er, aficionado — go to get his lox on? He promises to check out any suggested delis, restaurants or bagel shops. He might even go to your house.

And no, you can’t keep him. (We wish.)

Please contact Randy Dotinga directly at randydotinga@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/rdotinga.

Randy Dotinga

Randy Dotinga is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. Please contact him directly at randydotinga@gmail.com...

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