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Are you participating in the interesting debates going on in the comments sections of our stories and commentaries? Hope you are, but if you’re not, check out this sample of discussion:

Michael Robertson on “The City’s Emerging Bike Power: VOSD Radio“:

As a cyclist I am sympathetic to those asking for improved riding conditions. However, I take exception when it goes from bicycle transportation advocacy to “people should live slower lives”. It’s nobody place to tell others the speed to live their lives. If Sam wants to tool along at 7 mph to take it all in, that’s her prerogative. It’s also mine to use a car and drive on freeways and rush to meetings downtown and then to work and finally zip to my kids performance at school and in between getting a trunk of groceries.

Freedom is about letting others live how they deem best for their self-interest even if you disagree with it.

James Snook on “Letter: No Palm Trees on Broadway“:

I also wish municipal agencies (and state ones as well) would quit installing palm trees all over the place. They don’t provide much shade, require expensive maintenance to prevent old fronds from falling off them, and they need constant irrigation. Some of the more drought tolerant date palms are susceptible to a fungus that can cause the entire ‘head’ to fall off the trunk – not something you’d even want to contemplate on Broadway. There are so many beautiful, drought tolerant trees out there that actually provide shade there really is no excuse for planting palms and eucalypts as street trees.

Ian Trowbridge on “Frye: Will the Real City of San Diego Please Stand Up?“:

This is getting dangerous for you but delightful for us. I sense in this piece and private conversations time has rejuvenated you. But you can’t teach an old dog or a retired police chief new tricks especially when he is surrounded by a pack of sycophants (canine or human). We just have to hang on until December and hope Carl DeMaio leaves office too. I personally do not expect the mayor to tell the truth about the financing of the Convention Center or anything else for that matter, nor do I expect a majority of the city council to call him on it.

Jimmy Franco on “Long-Hidden Brewery Art to Emerge“:

I don’t think having the pieces in a restaurant are totally out of character with the art because of the fact that it was originally in a dining area to begin with. …

Dale Peterson on “Not ‘DeMaio’s Guy’: A Reader’s Guide to Scott Sherman“:

Not every solution to the challenges facing District 7 requires a cement mixer.

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Dagny Salas

Dagny Salas was web editor at Voice of San Diego from 2010 to 2013. She was an investigative fellow at VOSD from 2009 to 2010.

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