Who controlled the outcome in the race for the newest City Council seat, District 9, which was created to be a Latino-majority district?

From our post this week:

…few voters from the district’s most Latino neighborhoods showed up to pick their council representative for the next four years. Voters from white-majority areas actually played a much larger role in the election’s outcome. They represented about 60 percent of the turnout.

Unofficial precinct results show current District 7 Councilwoman Marti Emerald nearly clinched the election with the votes she received from white-majority areas alone. In order to defeat her, nearly 90 percent of voters in the Latino-majority areas would’ve needed to vote for her competitor, activist Mateo Camarillo.

Check out our maps below:

You’re reading our roundup of news from Speak City Heights, a collaboration between KPBS, The AjA Project, Media Arts Center San Diego and us.

Here are the rest of this week’s stories:

• A program that takes inner-city kids on free hiking and camping trips has whisked away students from a City Heights charter school on several trips since February. Speak City Heights tagged along on one to Joshua Tree National Park, where students climbed boulders and found animals like a scorpion and gopher snake.

From the Speak City Heights story:

In City Heights, spending time outdoors can be difficult. The neighborhood has a shortage of parks — 1.03 acres per 1,000 residents compared to 2.6 acres per 1,000 residents citywide, according to Health Equity By Design. And finding the time and money necessary to go camping or practice sports can be a challenge for families. Parents often work multiple jobs to make ends meet and raise children by themselves.

Check out a photo slideshow and a video of a recent trip, too.

• In the latest Media Arts video conversation with students at Crawford High School on safety: Discussion centered on what the teens see in City Heights as negative (many mentioned the police) and positive (people who help each other, do good or want to improve the community).

• In this week’s Twitter roundup: Take a look at the design for a new mini-park in City Heights that would include a small skatepark.

In a first-person account on Speak City Heights, teen Marcos Olascoaga shares his story of getting hit by a car while riding his skateboard and how he got involved in efforts to secure a skatepark.

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