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This was submitted as an idea to the Politifest 2012 Idea Tournament. VOSD members will vote on the best ideas and on Sept. 19 we’ll announce six contenders (Not a member? Join now to vote). At Politifest on Sept. 29, each of the six finalists will have five minutes to pitch their idea to a panel. The panel rates the ideas and two finalists advance. The crowd at Politifest will vote on a winner. The winner will receive an “idea-inspired” trophy custom-designed by former City Councilwoman Donna Frye. VOSD CEO Scott Lewis will also write about the winner’s idea.

San Diego is steadily losing public access to its downtown waterfront as more new high-rise hotels wall off the bay. The Unified Port of San Diego has spent $28 million to build a new cruise ship terminal on the B Street Pier, in violation of its own master plan, which blocks views down Broadway to the water. The current configuration of the Broadway Pier could accommodate two cruise ships. The port should redevelop the B Street Pier as San Diego’s version of Fisherman’s Wharf, with a public farmers market and restaurant, historic ships, etc.

Don Wood submitted this idea to the Politifest 2012 Idea Tournament. Join us on Sept. 29!

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