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For years growing up, I worked as a waitress at my dad’s small café.

Every single day, a local doctor came in and, every single day, he complained about the food and service. The soup was lukewarm. The bread wasn’t warm enough. This glass has a scratch. He had money, infinite lunch options and seemed to hate everything about the place — why did he keep coming back?

Sara Libby on News

Fast-forward a decade and there’s a new finicky doctor in my professional life — only this one’s a telecom engineer who seems to disdain every story published, every sentence crafted and every hire made — and loves to tell us so.

He’s Jim Jones, someone who, depending on your take, is either Voice of San Diego’s most prolific commenter or its most tireless troll.

Last week, for example, Jones submitted 36 comments (including seven that were denied). They range from baiting:

Believe me, if I did have kids of school age, I would have them in private schools or move somewhere where teachers cared about kids more than money. And the only people sacrificing here are the taxpayers footing the bill for your still overly generous compensation.

to downright poetic:

No, I’m an antisocial Darwinist, a terrible guitarist, who worships Stevie Nicks from afarist, who eats if he is starvingist, who isn’t the charmingest, or resembles a movie star I profess, unless it’s Mr Ed in face, but thinks when the kids all take a test it should tell us our schools are the best, but that’s just a foolish dream I guess

Jones has certainly been up front about his opinion of me. Here are some gems:

Libby often selects and even alters the facts when she reports to fit the narrative of her bias. She is sort of a Rush Limbaugh of the feminist persuasion.

Heck, after reading Libby’s body of work it’s clear she was hired because of her lifestyle and personal leftist feminist viewpoint rather than any skill as a journalist

Ah yes Greg, it’s our stupidity at work here, not Libby’s bias against men.

My reaction:

But I’m far from the only staffer or reader Jones has provoked. Just look at the intrigue he’s managed to cultivate: