Everth Cabrera’s 50-game suspension for his part in the Biogenesis scandal is likely the final blow to the Padres this season, and it couldn’t be more fitting. The season began with tempered expectations because Yasmani Grandal was serving a 50-game suspension and Chase Headley was on the disabled list with a broken thumb.

Fans targeting 2013 as the season for the Padres to finally compete changed their mind once young pitching prospects started going down with major arm injuries. And just when the team looked like they had enough young talent to persevere, winning games with strong performances by Cabrera, Grandal and Kyle Blanks, those three disappeared from the roster for extended periods of time. Grandal tore his ACL in a home plate collision, Blanks hasn’t played with a month due to a strained Achilles’ tendon and now Cabrera will end his season with the same suspension with which Grandal started his.

It’s nothing new for Padres, whose fans continue to wonder when their favorite team will catch a lucky break.

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Cabrera’s Public Apology Gets Praise

Maybe the most interesting part of Cabrera’s suspension was his public apology, and the reaction to it. Fans cheered, the media swooned and somehow Cabrera went from “cheater” to “leader of a movement to better educate Latin-American baseball players on the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs.”

Personally, I don’t see a need to react to an apology. If Cabrera is really sorry, he’ll never get caught cheating again. If he can do that and still be one of the team’s best players, the fans will forget this one indiscretion. If he can’t, he’ll try forever to escape his tarnished legacy.

Chargers Lose McCoy’s First Preseason Game

Despite a rash of injuries down in the first week of training camp, San Diego Chargers’ starters actually looked OK against Seattle Seahawks’ starters in their first preseason game Thursday night. The lopsided 31-10 victory for Seattle was due to more to the Chargers’ poor depth; the team may want to consider finding a replacement for backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. I’m sure new head coach Mike McCoy would’ve liked to start his Chargers career with a win, so there’s some disappointment.

The main goal of the preseason is for young players to be evaluated, veteran players to find their rhythm and everyone to stay healthy. That seemed to be what San Diego got out of the game, so you can’t ask for much more. Now fans will anxiously wait to see what changes are made to the team and the depth chart before they take on the Chicago Bears next Thursday.

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John Gennaro

I'm John Gennaro, contributor to Active Voice and managing editor of Bolts from the Blue. You can tweet me @john_gennaro...

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